Ghost Hunting Tips

Using The Scientific Method

Ghost Hunting Tips

In our quest for proof of the paranormal, there are many things that ghost hunters can do to increase the chances of getting something convincing on film or tape. In the interest of creating better ghost hunters, here are some tips to help boost your chances by eliminating errors and playing things safe.

Safety is the biggest concern of any ghost hunter. Afterall ghost hunters frequent places like cemataries and abandoned buildings in the middle of the night. Dangers include: decaying foundations making buildings unsafe, weather conditions like lightening or quickly forming dangerous storms, the chance of injury in dark places especially in buildings that are falling apart and riddled with debris, and vagrants or mentally ill individuals who use abandoned buildings and cemataries as place to sleep. The safety of the individual is of paramount importance. It is better to walk away unscathed from a ghost hunt then to risk your life for some possible proof. So, don't take any unnecessary risks. Many of these tips will reflect this safety concious thinking.

That said, let's begin.

1. First and foremost, do not go on a ghost hunt by yourself. Always take one or more friends with you. There is always safety in numbers.

2. Make sure that you have new batteries. You should also always have spares. Ghosts have a strange tendancy to drain the power out of batteries and may need more in order to continue taking pictures or recording EVP. It is believed that ghosts need to draw the energy out of others in order to manifest themselves.

3. Always think of ghosts as people. When you enter area, ask permission of the ghosts to take their picture or record their voices before turning anything on. It has been shown that if permission is not asked, more often than not, you won't get anything. Besides, it's common courtesy. How would you like it if someone came into your home unannounced and began taking pictures of you without permission?

4. Always be aware of your surroundings. You'll want to know where the dangers are so you can avoid them.

5. A ghost hunt is serious business. There should be no horse playing. This creates an atmosphere of increased danger. Be safe.

6. Always enter the hunt with a positive mindset. Positivity breeds positive ghost experiences. Negativity breeds negative ghost experiences.


8. Along with all of the other equipment you may be bringing to the hunt, I would suggest some sort of protection from attack from mentally ill people. Nothing lethal but something like a stun gun or pepper spray should do well. This does not happen much but it's not unheard of. If you are prepared, you would be able to protect yourself.

9. Be sure to bring walkie talkies and/or cell phones for comminucation with others in the group and easy communication with authorities.

10. Any ghost hunting group should establish a standards of practice to be utilized during a ghost hunt. Standards of practices is a set of agree upon rules of ethics and etiquette. They should then put into practice and follow these rules.

11. It is up to the individual, but you may want to say a brief prayer of protection before going into the hunt and another one of cleansing as you leave. Some believe this would be a way protecting oneself from evil spirits and to prevent spirits from attaching themselves to an individual when they leave.

12. Pay attention to the atmosphere around you. Cold weather (as we all know) creates a misty breath. This breath can be picked up on film as ecto mist. So, if it is cold be sure not to breath when taking pictures. Also, do not take pictures in rainy, foggy, dusty or snowy conditions. Rain, snow and dust appear as orbs in photos and fog appear as mists on film.

13. For the same reason, No Smoking On Ghost Hunts!

14. Avoid taking pictures near reflective surfaces. These could reflect the flash back to the camera creating anomalies.

15. Be as scientific as possible. Rule out all rational explainations before embracing the paranormal explaination.

16. It would be suggested that everyone bring notebooks on the ghost hunt to jot down notes and the feelings the ghost hunter is experiencing at the time for later comparison. Also, after the hunt, it would be suggested that everyone separate and write down their experience while it is fresh in their minds before getting together to relate their stories to each other. This will document the freshest information and the story will not be deluted by what others relate.

17. Make sure that all long hair is pulled back and camera straps are out of the view of the lens. These objects can create images that can be mistaken for vortezes.

18. Also, dress for the weather. We don't want people catching illnesses on a ghost hunt.

19. Finally (and probably most important), come back here and report your findings to me. Okay, it's important to me then.

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