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What Are Ghosts

Using The Scientific Method

So What Are Ghosts Anyway?

That's a hard question to answer. In many respects, it's a very personal decision as to how one interprets the phenomenon of ghosts. Personally BWPI believe ghosts are the spirits of the dead who (whether by choice or by design) stay in this world. These lost souls seem to be confused and disoriented. Thus they attempt contact with the living. It's at this point that we detect them through photographs and video, electronic voice phenomenon (EVP, essentially tape recordings of ghosts), through a change in the atmosphere's electro-magnetic feilds (EMF)or through direct contact effecting all the senses. This is my personal belief and you will be able to find a hundred people who would differ in my interpretation. That's why it remains a more complicated question to answer.

What we can do is help you form your own opinions and beliefs on ghosts by explaining the types of phenomenon related to ghostly activity. A good start to a subject you may not be familiar with is to learn the vocabulary used by those directly involved with the subject matter. So, you may consider this a glossary of sorts but it will be more than that. It will encompass the beliefs of the BWPI President, Scott Fowler (based on his over 20 years of experience in the paranormal) as well a definition. By no means is this a complete listing of paranormal verbage. No where close to a complete list. However, it is a listing of some of the most used terminology, most influential people and the more famous cases.

Again, you will be able to find someone that will dispute practically everything that is said here. We encourage everyone to investigate for themselves and make their own determination on the subject. Do searches at online search engines and you will find a hundred (if not a thousand) different sites dedicated to the same principles as I have established at this site. Visit other sites as well as mine, speak with the owners of those sites and make up your own mind.

A good book for the beginner to the paranormal is The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits By Rosemary Ellen Guiley. I would highly recommend it. Another god book for beginners is The Complete Idiot's Guide To Ghosts and Hauntings By Tom Ogden. Check this one out too.

Another great source of introductory information on the paranormal is the Leftfield-PSI Paranormal Glossary! Also, the Leftfield-PSI Ghost Hunter Listing is a great source for more information too. Check them out as well.

That said, let's begin.




On the small island in San Francisco bay is Alcatraz prison. Originally a civil war fort, it went into disrepair until early in the 20th century when a particularly harsh prison was built on the island. The prison had a cruel history that involved the torture and deaths of many. As a result, ghosts are believed to inhabit Alcatraz Island, "The Rock".

Amityville Horror

An incident that is claimed to have occured for several weeks in the house of a murdered family in Amityville, NY. The book that was published, and the feature film that followed, became a financial success. Many details in the book differ from actual events. One of which that convinces me of the invalidity of the Amityville Horror case is the mere fact that in the book weather conditions are reported that the National Weather Service does not document for those days. It appears this was a huge ruse to make money on a famous murder case.


Angels are beings believed by many to be sent by some higher form such as God to help human beings through life. The Bible uses angels also as a means of God to pass on communications to the living. Though I may not believe in the Biblical angels, I tend to believe that part of the reason that the spirits and ghosts hang around the living is to help us get through life as Guardian Spirits. There are many stories of people finding themselves in life and death situations and report being helped by mysterious beings that are there one minute and disappear the next. I don't believe that all these stories are fiction. But are they winged angels from God? My tendancy is to say no. They are human spirits, who have stuck around after death as a means of helping out the living.

Antietam, Battle of

The Battle of Antietam is among the worst battles in the American Civil War. A single day of death and destruction never before known to man. As a result, the battlefield is considered to be among the most haunted and visited often by ghost hunters.


Apparitions are the ultimate goal of every ghost photographer. An apparition is the sensory perception of a ghost. The most sensational is, of course, visually, though it is much more rare than sounds and smells. A visual apparition appearing in a photograph is the holy grail of ghost hunting. The type of apparition we tend to search for is full bodied, looking as the ghost did in life. Classically, these visual apparitions will be foggy or transparent. There are several very intriguing apparition photographs that I have seen, most notably the Brown Lady on the Main Page. I, however, have never photographed an apparition though I may have seen one (not really sure about it though.) My search for the holy grail continues.

Please! If you have a picture of an apparition, I want to see it. I am most interested in these types of pictures!

Automatic Writing

It is believed by some that a spirit can take over a person when they are in a relaxed state and communicate through them. Most notably through automatic writing. That is a person, while under the influence of a ghost or spirit, can scribble or type a message to the living. The host rarely remembers the incident and will awaken with the message before him to interpret. Sometimes the only way the host even knows that the experience took place is if an observer examples what just happened. Personally, these seems possible and some experiences I have had suggest that it has happened to one of my fellow ghost hunters on several occasions. But I have to wonder though if it is really a ghost doing the writing or the person's subconcious.

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Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

One of Chicago's most haunted places. It is a small cemetery frequented by ghost hunters and teenagers. Images of phantom monks have repeatedly been seen there even though no historical reason for their presence exists.

Baltimore Poltergeist

A ghost of particularly violent spectral attack in the household of a retired Baltimore city fireman. This incident gained prominence in the early months of 1960 due to the involvement of psychoanalyst and paranormal investigator Nandor Fodor.

Battlefield Ghosts

Ghosts will tend to be found where there is a lot of history and tragedy. Wars creates much history and tragedy. Therefore, it seems logical that we can expect to run into ghosts on ground that blood was spilled on. As of late, it appears that many Civil War battlefields have been experiencing ghostly activity, most notably the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Bell Witch

The Bell Witch is the infamous legend of a spirit with a particularly vindictive streak. John Bell was a man living in Tennessee in the early 19th century when for some unknown reason his family is attacked over a series of several years. The attacks seemed to focus on John's young daughter and eventually resulted in the death of John himself under mysterious circumstances. The legends differ in some details but the basic story remains the same. John Bell and his family is taunted and attacked by an unseen poltergiest type entity. The entity apparently made several predictions that came true before she finally seemed to disappear. Today, certain areas of what used to be Bell farm have been reported as haunted.

Bilocation (or Doubles)

This is the appearance of a living individual at two locations many miles apart at the same moment in time. I put this in here only because I have seen a couple photographs that claim to be of doubles, or a bilocated individual. The person is alive but reportedly miles away from the photographed location. I am rather skeptical of these situations. They are easily faked and hard to verify. One usually has to take the word of the people involved and I find eyewitness accounts are usually rather faulty, mistaken or otherwise.

Borley Rectory

The Borley Rectory is most famous as the subject of a ghost investigation conducted by Harry Price. The grounds have seen apparitions of ghostly hooded monks and frightening images of skeletal nuns, even though no monastaries have ever existed on the grounds. Phantom carriages and ghostly writing on the walls of the rectory were a major aspect of the haunting. The building was gutted by fire in 1939 and the hauntings have seemed to have ceased.

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Crowd Demons

Some claim to see spirits or what they call demons in photographs of crowds and audiences. Looking into the crowd they see mysterious figures or creatures that seem to be attacking or influencing the spectators. This appears to be a rather new phenomenon in the paranormal community but may be because it wasn't until recently that people began looking into the crowds for ghosts. In many cases, I find that these "demons" aren't really demons but some element in the crowd giving the illusion of some creature. For example: a scarf drapped over the shoulder of a woman can appear like a wispy ghost in front of the man seated behind her at a show. I equate this to picking out images in clouds. The mind wants to bring order to chaos and what better chaos is there than a large group of people at a concert or crowded in the streets? So, when one looks at a photograph of a crowd, the mind automatically wants to take the stuff it doesn't recognize and change it into something it does. It has become, in my mind, the ink-blot test for the paranormal. Result? Crowd Demons! I find this be an interesting endeavor, picking ghosts out of a crowd but I don't put any validity to crowd spirits.

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Decatur House

The box like house in Washington D. C. of military hero Stephan Decatur. The house is believed haunted by Decatur and his wife.


If there are angels, some would argue, than wouldn't there also be the evil equivalent? Demons would be the evil version of angels. These are supernatural beings that come to influence the living to negativism. I don't believe in demons any more than I believe in angels. Ghosts are essentially human beings that have lost their bodies to death. And, like living human beings, there are as many personalities for ghosts as there are for the living humans. This includes evil or negative energies as well as good and positive energies. Remember, in life for every Mother Theresa there is also a Hitler. Seems logical to me that this would go into the afterlife as well.

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Reknown author of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Unlike the character he created, Doyle tended to jump at any claim of the paranormal with little or no investigation. He was among those fooled by two girls who claimed to photograph fairies in their back yard woods. Doyle was a great friend and confidant of Harry Houdini but the two clashed quite often due to their differing views on the paranormal.

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Ecto Mists

A common anomaly in ghost photos is a misty or smokey substance that seems to float in the air of a picture. These are called ecto mists and sometimes people can see figures or faces in the mists. This is another instance where I equate it to picking out figures in the clouds, except sometimes, very rarely actually, a figure is so obvious and clear that it makes me think there's something more there. One must be careful with ecto mists, though. If someone is smoking in the area of the camera or the environment is especially cold that a person's breath can steam up in front of them, those are things that will appear looking like ecto mists. That is why a standard rule in ghost hunting today is no smoking and if it's cold out, hold your breath when taking pictures.


Not seen too much anymore is ectoplasm. During the heyday of spiritualism, mediums that were conjuring up spirits would create a substance called ectoplasm that seemed to disappear very quickly. This "spirit substance" would shape itself into hands and other parts of the spirit but disappear in an instant when the lights were turned on. In the early 1900s, several experiments seemed to show that ectoplasm was really a standard "earthly" substance used by spiritualists to fool the audience. I include it here only because there are several pictures that I have seen in books of ectoplasm manifesting itself during seances. I tend not to believe in spiritualism, especially when it comes to the group conjuring sessions (seances).

Edgar Allan Poe House

The house in Baltimore, MD where author Edgar Allan Poe grew up and resided most of his life. It is believed haunted by the spirit of Poe himself who died under mysterious circumstances in the streets of Baltimore.

Environment Recordings

One theory of ghosts is that events and emotions can be recorded on the environment. Much like a video tape recorder records the action on your favorite television program. Then when the conditions are right, usually involving many factors such as the strengths of magnetic fields of the area, the weather conditions, and the receptiveness of the observer, the event can replay itself in front of an audience. In this situation, the "spirit" is not concious of the observers and ignores them completely, passing directly through them in some cases. This playback can happen over and over and over again whenever the conditions are right.

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The forest had a fascinating relationship with human beings. Humans have had any number of woodland spirits, among them and probably most famous are the fairies. These tiny creatures are believed by some to be a sign of good luck and are there to watch over humans. Beginning at the time of the Enlightenment, these types of superstitions were fading away. I do not believe that fairies are real beings. They were conjured up by a early humans to help the deal with the fear created by a thick dark forest. I include this here because of several photos that were taken in the 1920s by two girls. They appeared to show actual fairies in a nearby forest. They have since been declared fakes but they are a large part of paranormal history.

Fisher, Rick

Founder and President of the Pennsylvania Paranormal Society. Considered to be among the foremost ghost hunters in the state of Pennsylvania. Facilitator of the annual Pennsyvania Paranormal Conference.

Flight 401

The doomed airline flight that crashed in the Florida everglades. The airline, to save costs, salvaged parts of the plane for the rest of their fleet. Ever since, the planes that have those parts have reported ghostly incidents with the captain and engineer who died in the Flight 401 crash. One incident is believed to have even saved an airplane from crashing when the engineer's specter pointed out a faulty piece of equipment to the captain.

Fords Theatre

The theatre where Abraham Lincoln was assasinated by John Wilkes Booth. Ever since, the spectral image of the president in his box has been seen during certain performances. Also, a strange person, many believe to be the ghost of Booth, is sometimes seem moving along behind the audience to the door to the presidential box.

Fort McHenry

The location where the Star Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key. The battle that took place there has caused several ghostly encounters to occur.

Fox Sisters, The

Considered the mothers of Spiritualism, Katie, Margaret and Leah Fox claimed to have experiences with a knocking ghost in their bedroom when children. They claimed they learned to communicate with the ghost through a series of knocks and taps. Before long, the country was buzzing with this news and Spiritualism was born. Later in life, all three sisters would claim the shows they performed were faked and that no ghost ever existed. Some continue to maintain that the Fox sisters experienced and communicated with ghosts while most ghost investigators have dismissed Spiritualism as being created under false pretenses.

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Gettysburg, Battle of

The bloodiest three days of the American Civil War and now considered the most haunted Civil War site in the country. Scores of ghost hunters and historians flock to Gettysburg for investigations. Even several ghost tours of Gettysburg are in place and very profitable.

Ghost Energies

The electricity created in the human body during a life time does not disappear. Physics dictates this. Physics states that matter and energy can not just disappear but change form. So, when the body dies what happens to all that built up electricity in the brain? It changes form into what we know as ghost energy. Ghost energies can be captured on film looking very similiar to lightening bolts (strangely enough, blue bolts) or bright flourescent lights floating in the sky. This is an anomaly that more often than not is invisible to the naked eye as the picture is being taken but only appears when the film is developed.

Ghost Investigations and Hunts

Believe it or not, there is a difference between a ghost investigation and a ghost hunt. An investigation is a very regulated, very regimented, very researched approach to a location. Usually investigations are performed by structured organizations attempting to use as much of the scientific method as possible in the situation. These organizations will tend to have access to sensitive high tech equipment that can pick up changes to the environment at a much more minute scale than would be found during a ghost hunt. Ghost hunts, on the other hand, are usually spur of the moment decisions made among people of similar interests in the paranormal. Hunts are usually initiated based on rumor or urban legends rather than any known fact. The instruments used during a hunt are mostly low tech, average equipment found in many homes rather than in a laboratory environment. What tends to happen is that a localized group (sometimes just a group of friends) will go on a ghost hunt to a location based on an urban legend they'd heard of. During the hunt, they may get something intriguing that will prompt a larger, more structured organization to step in and conduct a more thorough, more scientific investigation.

Ghost Lights

Usually seen in high geology areas like mountains, ghost lights are similiar to orbs in that they are globular balls of light seen rising and bouncing around wooded areas and mountain ranges. The current thinking is that these lights are not ghostly as all but the result of geologic activity. The theory is that as the rocks grind against each other, they release energy that floats away in glowing balls. Before this theory was introduced though, ghost lights were believed to the spirits of the dead making their way to visit the living or posted to guard a particular area from the living. Sometimes they were thought to be the ghost lanterns of dead miners still looking for their vien of riches.

Glamis Castle

A castle in Scotland built during the 1300s. Due to its history, many ghost stories and legends have arisen concerning the castle. The most famous story is of the gambling, swearing, drinking lord of Glamis. During a particularly bad night, it is said. Glamis swore that he could beat the devil himself in cards. No sooner had he said that than a knock came at his door. It is said that that night Glamis did play the devil and lost, cursing Glamis Castle forever.

Governour's Bridge

This is one of the many "Cry Baby Bridges" in Maryland and across the country. This one, however, appears to have some truth to it. Anamolous pictures have been coming from the bridge for years now and is a frequent haunt of ghost hunters.

Guardian Spirits

Similiar to angels, guardian spirits are supernatural beings sent here to help humans through the struggles of life. Some believe these spirits are with everyone from birth and help each person get through trouble. Rather than being angelic and godly creatures, guardian spirits are usually described as being the souls of ancestors come to guide their living relatives through their lives. This is a concept I subscribe to more than angels. In ghost photos, guardian spirits will usually be seen in pictures of babies and children, mostly on a birthday or a celebration time. They can appear as any of the known anomalies in photos: orbs, ecto mist, shadow ghosts, etc.

Guiley, Rosemary Ellen

Author of Encyclopedia of Ghost and Spirits and several other books on the paranormal.

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Halcyon House

A house built shortly after the Revolutionary War in Washington D. C. Due to the house's bizarre history, it has a reputation of haunting phenomenon.

Harper's Ferry

An important event in American history took place at Harper's Ferry shortly before the Civil War. Abolishinist John Brown excuted a raid of the town's armory in an attempt to create a slave uprising. Though the uprising never happened, John Brown became a martyr for the anti-slavery movement. Because of this history, Harper's Ferry is an area believed ripe with spirit activity.


The continued appearance of the same ghost(s) over and over again at the same location over a period of time is called a haunting. I don't have much else to say about hauntings.

Holzer, Hans

Author of the massive epic Ghosts detailing his years of experiences with ghost investigations.

Houdini, Harry

Famous magician and illusionist from the turn of the century. He perfected the art of the escape. At the beginning of his life, Houdini was a feirce believer in the after life however toward the end of his life, he began to doubt this belief. He spent vasts amounts of his time testing and disproving mediums of the day. He never reached his goal of contacting his mother's spirit. It is rumoured that Houdini made a pact with his wife that if there was an after life, he would contact her with a specific code. Though at some point, Mrs. Houdini claimed to have made contact through a psychic, she later revoked her statement and died never making contact with her lost husband. To this day, every Halloween, groups will gather to have seances to attempt to make contact with Houdini's spirit. So far, there has been no success.

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Jung, Carl Gustav (1875 - 1961)

Student and protege of Sigmund Freud. Jung and Freud fought often over the effects of spirituality and psychic experiences on the human psyche. Jung claimed to have had several psychic experiences in his life and believed strongly in the paranormal.

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Kaczmarek, Dale (1952 - Present)

Colleague of Troy Taylor and ghost photographer.

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Lincoln, Abraham (1809 - 1865)

Considered perhaps the most important president in American history for taking the United States through a brutal civil war, Lincoln is among the most beloved of American leaders. Yet, he suffered much during that war and, mainly to appease his wife, he began to attend seances held in the White House. Especially after the death of his son. Several days before his assasination by John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln related to his chief of staff what appears to have been a clairvoyant dream he had of his own death.

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Moving Coffins of Barbados

A phenomenon that appears fairly frequently is the movement of coffins, especially where more than one coffin lay inside a sealed crypt for a period of time. The most famous moving coffins case came from Barbados. It involved the Chase vault in Barbados. As each member of the Chase family died, they would be placed in their vault along side those that passed before. Each time a Chase member passed, the vault would be opened and the coffins were discovered out of place and strewn all over the vault. Several attempts were made to determine a cause but no solution was ever discovered. It is believed by some that the restless spirit of one the family members would move the coffins.

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Octagon, The

Built in the early 1800s by Colonel John Tayloe, it seemed that The Octagon was cursed from the begining. Several deaths, including the suicide death of the Colonel's daughter, have created several ghosts. Except for the White House and the Capitol Building, the Octagon is thought to be the most haunted house in Washington D. C. The most prominent ghost is the shadowy figure of the Tayloe daughter slowly climbing the spiral staircase to the top and then tumbling over to her death.


Orbs are the most photographed ghostly anomaly. They are clear, sometimes colorful, balls that seem to float in the frame. Some say that orbs are the life energy of a spirit taking on the easiest form to maintain, globular or ball shaped. The danger of orbs is that the same figures can be caused on film by floating dust particles or water droplets not immediately noticable by the photographer. When I am evaluating an ghost-orb photo, I have to have certain assurances that a moist or dusty atmosphere wasn't present at the time the picture was taken. Most of the time, even then I will not post judgement on the picture. Since orbs are so prevalant in ghost photos, I have been overwhelmed with them and they start to look the same. I am in the persuit of trying to solve these mysteries and orbs tend not reveal any new information for me, even ones I can comfortably call ghostly.

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Pike, Bishop James (1913 - 1969)

James Pike was a Bishop in the Episcopal Church of America when his son died of an apparent suicide. He turned to Spiritualism after several events in his own home suggested to him that his son was attempting to communicate from the grave. His death in the desert near the Dead Sea is surrounded by mystery.

Point Lookout

Point Lookout is a location in Maryland, often called the most haunted place in Maryland, where Confederate prisoners of war were brought. This prisoner of war camp was notoriously bad to their inmates and many suffered and died at Point Lookout. Many hauntings continue take place there and is a frequent location for investigations.


Translated literally poltergeists means, "noise ghost" (or something like that). Poltergeists are usually unseen entities that can manipulate their environment. They seem to tend to use this power to annoy and play tricks on the living. But some have been know to become violent as in the Bell Witch legends. Movement of objects is a common poltergeist trait. Hiding objects is another. Poltergeists seem to love to wake people up from a restful sleep by tearing bed clothes off the beds. In most situations, the poltergeist activity can be traced to an adolescent, usually going through puberty, who may be the cause. The theory is that the troubled adolescent mind may send waves of energy into the environment manipulating it unbeknownst to the adolescent. Most of the time, the evidence supports this theory but ocassionally there are cases where it is apparent that it is a paranormal phenomenon involving an outside supernatural force.

Price, Harry (1881 - 1948)

Considered the father of modern ghost hunting, Price is best known for his investigation of the Borley Rectory. Though by recent ghost hunting standards his tactics and techniques have a lot to be desired, Price was among the first, and best known, to employ a team of investigators to search for the paranormal. Today, there is some question as to the results of the Borley Rectory investigation. Some even say that Harry Price even fabricated some of the "evidence".

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Queen's House

Though the Queen's House in Greenwich, England has never been reported as a haunted location, one of the most famous ghost photographs (the Tulip Staircase) was taken there in 1966.

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Raynham Hall

The haunted building where the famous Brown Lady photograph was taken. The manor is located near Norfolk and seems to have over a 200 year history of ghostly encounters.

Retrocognition (Seeing The Past)

Similiar to environment recordings, retrocognition is the belief that an incident wasn't just the replaying of a recording but an event where the observer actually travels through some unknown means to the past for a brief period of time. There is the famous case of two school teachers who visited France. In the early morning hours, as they walked in the streets, the buildings seemed to change. People nearby changed into others dressed in period clothing. They came back believing they spent time in the past. To my knowledge, no one has ever had an experience like this and come back with photographs or any physical evidence which raises my doubts on this type of incident. This may be nothing more than a concious dream type state.

Rhine, J. B. (1895 - 1980)

Joseph Banks Rhines is considered by many to be the father of modern parapsychology. He founded and was director of the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke Univerity. There he tested the psychic abilities of many and developed tests that are used to this day in the investigation of the paranormal.

Rods (Or Moving Orbs)

In some ghost photographs, one can find small bars of light we have come to call rods. There is some belief that rods are a separate anomaly but generally my belief is they are orbs caught in the act of moving quickly. I think that rods give us a better understanding of orbs as concious beings. Some rods have been seen curving around obstacles. If it was a piece of dust or water droplet, the orb wouldn't be doing such a concious act. It would hit the obstacle and change path at that point. Rods are interesting as they appear to react with their environment.

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Shadow Ghosts

Shadow ghosts have often been interpretted as evil or negative energy. This is mainly due to the physically dark nature of the spirit. In ghost photographs, they appear as shadows, usually blocking the view of the subject from the camera. The shadows seem to have no origin and are just floating or standing in the frame. These may be representative of the types of human spirits that were very negative in life and are attempting remain that way in death. Stories I have heard about shadow ghosts are very frightening and some believe shadow ghosts are actually demons trying drive us in the wrong direction.

Spirit Photography

Spirit photography was all the rage during the late 19th to the early 20th centuries. Early photographers began to see images (usually of people's faces) appear behind their portrait subjects during development. These came to be called spirit photographs since spiritualism was becoming all the rage as well. These photos are still flying around the internet as being true ghost photos even though they were discredited years ago and no longer are thought of as actual ghost pictures.

Spirit Releasement

A more modern term for exorcism, spirit releasement is whatever procedure someone may use (whether they be of the Cloth or not) to attempt to banish, or release, a known spirit from a haunted location. This sometimes seems to work and other times seems to only amplify the activity. I do not believe you can rid a location of a ghost, especially not one unable or unwilling to leave. The ghost has to decide to leave.

Survival After Death

Almost every religion in the world believes in some sort of survival after death. And so do most ghost hunters. That's what we're hunting for afterall. A proof of life after death. Some sort of hope to hang onto that there is something more than death. For me, there is life after death. I've seen it. Touched it. Experienced it. Ghosts are proof that there is a survival after death. Unfortunately, it is not something that can be easily proven to others. My experiences with ghosts convinced me (and me only) of the afterlife.

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Television Ghosts

A very new phenomenon is the anomaly of television ghosts. Lately, it appears that people taking pictures with turned off or unplugged televisions in them are finding faces looking out at them. This is such a new phenomenon that no one is quite sure what to think of it. However, it seems logical to me. Ghosts appear to control their environment and travel via a means of electro-magnetic energy. What is a television set designed for? To channel electro-magnetic energy onto a glass tube to project images. It is conceivable then that television ghosts are spirits using this technology to look in on the living as if through a window. Many of the photos I've seen really do appear as if the individual on the other side of the screen is peering intently out into the room beyond. It almost unnerving.

This is another photo type that I am very excited about! If you have a picture of a television ghost please send it in!

Taylor, Troy (1966 - Present)

Author of The Ghosthunter's Guidebook and founder of the American Ghost Society. Perhaps considered among the foremost ghost hunters in the country.

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Underwood, Peter

The foremost ghost hunter in England. Author of The Ghost Hunter's Guide and current president of the Ghost Club Society.

United States Capitol Building

Due to all the history to pass throug the walls of this great building, ghosts of our founding fathers are said to roam the halls at night. Even statues in the Rotunda are believed to move around at night while no one is watching.

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How does a spirit get from the afterlife to here? Via a vortex. Vortexes are tornado looking anomalies found in pictures. It is believed that the orbs that are so common travel from the afterlife through the twister type energy tunnels to the world of the living. Vortexes have the destinctive spiral pattern and usually a white foggy type substance. Vortexes, unlike rods, tend to travel through objects and people.


Warren, Ed and Lorraine

Ed and Lorraine Warren have spent over fifty years researching and investigating the paranormal. Their personal museum holds hundreds of artifacts that they have collected in their travels, many of which they believe to be haunted.

White House, The

The home of every president of the United States since John Adams. And because this is a place where a person lives through troubling decisions and history making events, ghosts are believed to be very present. Especially during the country's tough times. A famous story goes that a dignitary was visiting the White House one night and was given the Lincoln Bedroom. In the middle of the night, a knock came at the door and when she opened it, there stood Abraham Lincoln himself, looking worn and distraught. Before her eyes, the apparition disappeared. She slept not a wink the rest of the night. Lincoln, by far, is the most seen apparition at the White House.

Winchester Church

This church in the heart of Baltimore, MD is the location of Edgar Allan Poe's grave. Poe's spirit has been seen roaming in the cemetery next to the church. Also, strange noises have been heard coming from the catacombs underneath the church.

Winchester Mystery House

In the 1800s, Sarah Winchester, the heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune lost both her husband and baby daughter to disease. Destraught, she consulted with a medium who warned that ghosts of those killed by the Winchester rifle had put a curse on her. To avoid the curse, she will need to move out west and build onto a house for the rest of her life, constantly building and adding on. So, she moved to California, bought a small farm house and began building. It is said that the hammers and sawing could be heard day and night for years until Sarah's death. By the time of her death, the "house" had developed into a eccentric mansion. Stairs that went up into nothingness. Doors opening into thin air. Strangely structured rooms. Sarah, it is said, would consult with the spirits in the seance room and then come out with blue prints for her workers to build with the next day. Today, the Winchester House is a tourist attraction that fascinates visitors. Ghosts run rampant including the apparent spirit of Sarah Winchester herself as well as many of the workers who's lives were spent building for the eccentric rifle fortune heiress.

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