Why North America Looks Like a Turtle

In the Objibwe culture, there is a story about the Great Flood just like in the Christian Culture.  Only in this story the ark is a HUGE tree. 

Well, when the rains FINALLY stopped, and the days were full of sun again; the Indian said I will dive down to the bottom and bring up some mud.  He then dove down, but came back up sputtering.  It is tooooooooo deep.  I couldn't make it. 

Then Raven said he would try.  He couldn't do it either.  Turtle said he would try, but it was too deep even for turtle.  Finally muskrat said he would try.  Everybody told muskrat to be careful as it was very deep, and they did not want him to drown.  Well, muskrat dove down, down, down, and down some more.  Everybody on top were getting worried.  Muskrat was gone a long time.  Finally, up came muskrat.  But he floated.  He had drowned, and they all mourned brother muskrat for his great sacrifice.  But in his paws, there was some mud.  He had made it.  The Indian took it from his paws.  Turtle came up to him and told him to dry the mud on his back.  The Indian placed it on his back, and it got bigger, bigger, bigger,  bigger, and ever BIGGER.  And this is why North America looks a turtle.  Baja, CA is one hind foot.  Florida is the other hind foot.  Mexico and Central America is the tail.  Alaska if one front foot, and if   look in the islands of upper N. America, you will find the head and the other front foot.